National Spelling Bee Brought To Scheck Hillel


The Lower and Middle School students at Scheck Hillel are participating in the Scripps National Spelling Bee this year. This organization brings together schools from all over the US and organizes a spelling bee that tests students’ proficiency in the English language. Spellers have to win multiple rounds, including in-school competitions, before the national winner is declared. 


At Scheck Hillel, students from 4th grade to 8th grade all competed within their English classes, and the winners advanced to a schoolwide competition. Twenty-six students in total came together on December 8th, 2022 to give it their best shot at advancing to the next round, The Miami Herald Spelling Bee, which includes the best spellers from schools throughout Miami-Dade County. 


These twenty-six students studied from a list of over three hundred words in preparation for the schoolwide spelling bee. Parents and students joined the stands to watch the competition, which had everyone on the edge of their seats. One fourth-grade student, Liam Fridzon, said, “It was fun to watch and I had fun participating in it [the spelling bee].” With friends cheering for friends, this competition not only showed the capacity of these twenty-six young students, but it displayed the support that is given at Scheck Hillel. 


On the day of the competition, Middle School English teacher, Jason Touvi agreed to be the official pronouncer. The two judges were Craig Carpentieri and Laurie Parker, who patiently tested the students through eighteen rounds. The competition continued until only three students were left: Mark Saba ‘31, Adam Shekel ‘31, and Miley Shekel ‘31. Unfortunately, the competition had to be postponed but these fourth-grade students, the youngest in the competition, proved that they had what it takes to win. 


The competition resumed one week later on Thursday, December 15, 2022, and the three contestants were instructed to study 450 words in preparation. The pronouncer, Jason Touvi, and the judges, Benjamin Thompson-Echevarria and Robin Rimon, sat through twenty-three rounds of spelling until the word “abstain” isolated Mark Saba as the winner. He will go on to represent Scheck Hillel in the Miami Herald Spelling Bee in a few months. 


The spelling bee was facilitated by Craig Carpentieri, who worked alongside ninth-grade student, Moises Saba 26’. Moises approached Scheck Hillel with this idea and worked hard to make it turn into a reality. He said he wanted to, “give everybody a chance to show their talents.” He hopes that he can make his passion, the spelling bee, an annual tradition at Scheck Hillel and strives to organize it each year throughout his high school career.