Surveillance School


Surveillance School, by Andrew Butler, is a thick-plotted mystery book with many twists and surprises around every corner. The main character of the story, William, is an intelligent boy with a writing talent who came to a top-tier private school by way of a scholarship. He adjusts to the new setting little by little, but everything changes in an instant. 


The Snyder School of Excellence uses a high-tech recording system for sick students. Unbeknownst to them, the system is soon used against them. One sly individual manages to hack into the system and post highly embarrassing moments of people messing up in class on TikTok. At first, the TikTok account seems like a joke, but as time goes on things get progressively worse. Soon, people are at each other’s throats trying to figure out who is the mastermind behind the problem. 

Surveillance School is a very nice, intriguing read I enjoyed very much. I would recommend it to almost anybody without batting an eye. I suggest that anybody who sees this review read the book fast… if they haven’t done so already!