The Lions Do It Again!


The Hillel Soccer team returned to the top of the district rankings with a commanding 5-0 victory over Avant Garde in the district finals. The game was held at Hillel’s home field, where a large and enthusiastic crowd gathered to cheer on their team. The players rose to the occasion, performing dominant and demonstrating their skills, teamwork, and determination.


The game started with a high tempo, with both teams looking to establish control and set the pace of the game. Hillel quickly took the initiative and started to create chances, putting Avant Garde under pressure. Within the first 10 minutes, Hillel’s Eli Fishabch received the ball on the edge of the box and made a weaving run past several defenders before slotting the ball past the keeper and into the back of the net. The goal was the start of a fantastic run of form for Eli, who inspired Hillel’s striker, Moy Sutton, who scored two goals in the game soon after. Hillel’s defense was also on top form, solid and organized, they kept Avant Garde at bay, and the opposing team struggled to create clear-cut chances. Hillel’s midfield was also instrumental in the victory, working tirelessly to win the ball back and launch swift counter-attacks. They also provided the creative spark, linking up well with the forwards and making clever runs to open up space for their teammates.


The second half continued in much the same vein as the first, with Hillel maintaining control and creating more chances. In the second half, Hillel’s midfielder, Daniel Wengrowsky, received the ball on the edge of the box for a free kick and curled a beautiful shot into the top corner, leaving the keeper with no chance. The final whistle signaled the end of the game, and the Hillel players celebrated with their fans, who had been singing and cheering throughout. The result was a just reward for the team’s hard work and commitment, which will go down in the history books as one of the most memorable victories in Hillel soccer history.


The Hillel soccer team can now look forward to the regional quarterfinals, where they will face Highlands Christian, the eighth seed in the tournament. The players and coaching staff are already preparing for this next challenge, determined to continue winning and bring the regional championship title back to Hillel. 


Jaime Mizrahi, class of 2023, attended the game and said, “The way our team just touched the ball was absolutely awesome. I can’t wait to watch them play, and win on Wednesday so their incredible run can continue.” Moy Sutton, class of 2023, added, “We had a great victory but were reaching for the stars – that was just a step in our path to the real championship.”


Their matchup against Highlands Christian will occur on Wednesday night in Hillel; support us as our team reaches for states!