2023 9th Grade Israel Trip

Each year, Scheck Hillel takes the freshman class on a trip to Israel. Not only is the trip an illuminating experience for students, but it helps them bond together. It helps bring the grade together and keeps them closer for the following years of high school. Throughout the trip, they visited numerous places across the country. The trip also gave the class a chance to make a connection with the Jewish country. 


The freshman class packed their bags and left for the holy land on March 5th. After landing in Tel Aviv, they went to the holiest city in the world: Jerusalem. There, they visited the Kotel and made meaningful connections. As the trip progressed, they went to the north of Israel and encountered colder weather. Nevertheless, they thoroughly enjoyed the experience. They then went to Eilat, where they enjoyed a sunrise hike overlooking the city. They soon took advantage of the crystal-clear water with a dive into the Red Sea. Other fun activities in Israel included a party boat on the Sea of Galilee, numerous bus rides, the Dead Sea, fun music, and so much more. 


Hillel students made new friendships and formed bonds that will last a lifetime. Eli Fischbach, a student on the trip, said: “Before the trip, I knew that Israel was amazing, but I did not realize how much beauty [it] offered. Apart from nature, the people in Israel are electric and this energy is appealing to me. Throughout the trip, I made unforgettable memories, bonds, and friendships that I did not know would happen [before going on the trip]. I am going to miss this place a lot.” Most of the students interviewed felt this way. As a whole, the grade had an incredible time they will never forget. 


Not only was the trip unforgettable for the students, but the chaperones also had an incredible experience on it. It forced them to get outside of their comfort zone and let them view Israel from another perspective. Oded Karavani said that “It’s always special to return to Israel with our students. This trip is only the beginning of their Jewish identity journey. The ‘seeds have been planted’ while touring the country for two (packed) weeks. With help from family, friends, and educators at Hillel, we hope to see the fruits of their personal growth very soon.” All in all, the trip was both a memorable and meaningful experience for this year’s 9th-grade class.