Getting Ready for College

As we approach college decision season, students across Hillel are getting anxious, but what are they doing to prepare for the results?


Early Application decisions come out before February 1st, and one can feel the tension across Hillel. Colleges such as Northeastern, Texas, Michigan, and other popular choices among Hillelians are releasing their decisions. Across campus, students are trying to relieve their anxiety. Students, such as Mark Blatt, try to ease their stress by talking to their friends and not thinking too much about the future. Others, like Alberto Koenig, have soccer to look forward to, where he can kick around and have fun with his friends. 


Michael Stiberman says, “My dream college comes out on Friday, and I have never been more nervous. Although it feels like my whole life depends on this one decision, I know I will be happy wherever I go. In all truthfulness, I am putting all my faith in God because I know that there is a script written for me, and whatever happens, it’s okay.” Michael Stiberman, like many others across Scheck Hillel, leaves it all up to God. Many students have increased their prayer times because they feel like this is an excellent approach. Students feel like the more they are connected to God, and the better their outcomes will be. 


Moreover, colleges have been accepting fewer and fewer students each year due to the growing amount of applications coming in. Therefore, school is getting a lot more competitive, students are getting better grades, and anxiety levels are skyrocketing. In Hillel, one can feel the stress; people constantly talk about school, not just in the classroom, but when friends hang out, a frequent topic is college. This affects not only the student’s stress, but their mood as well. 


Jaime Mizrahi, a senior who was already accepted into his college of choice, says, “I see the stress my friends are going through. I try to calm them down by telling them everything will be alright. It is truly a difficult time when colleges send back their decisions. I know that everything will be alright, and I hope that my friends get into their colleges of choice.” Jaime is doing excellent as he calms others down by talking to them about other things. 


No matter what students across the school are doing, we cannot neglect that this time is crucial. It can dictate one’s future and where one spends the next four years. Therefore, it is essential to take this time seriously.