Movie Night

On January 11, Scheck Hillel decided to have a welcome-back movie night hosted by the HIP/PTA. The movie Minions Rise of Gru was played and the kids were able to sit and relax with their peers on campus. 

The movie night helped the school’s families’ interact more and let the students also see the school as a place of leisure. The movie night was hosted at Hillels field with the beautiful weather and the movie playing on the big screen. The children and families were able to sit together and spend time together while enjoying the movie. 

The movie night was also an opportunity for the students to create stronger bonds. As Jannet Feldman explained, her daughter Andrea Feldman got the chance to interact with other students that are not in her classes. Also, all the kids from different grades had fun and enjoyed the movie while all being together. Furthermore, Jannet also mentions that the movie night was beneficial to the school and there should be more of them in the future because it provided a great sense of community. 

Moreover, the families brought picnic mats, snacks, and blankets and created a picnic-like environment while they watched the movie. People brought fruit, pasta, and pizza as well as the food Hillel was selling; burgers and chicken tenders which the kids enjoyed. 

Fortunately, Hillel hosts more than one of these community events and the families will have events like these to cherish and remember.