Scheck Hillel Clubs


Every week on Thursday, during community time, Scheck Hillel high school students have the grand opportunity to meet with their clubs, which allows them to conduct activities that they have an interest in. High school students are given a chance to express themselves and follow their passions with other students who have similar interests. 


There is a wide range of clubs that high school students can choose to participate in. Whether it is joining the Chess Club to learn the strategic skills of chess, or joining NOCAP to help students serve the community, there is much to choose from. Not only do clubs enable students to express themselves, but they can help students find something they love. This, in turn, can set a career path for their futures.

High school clubs are guided by amazing leaders who dedicate a great sum of their time to making their club the best of the best. When Sophomore Sara Haime, leader of the Kosher Food Bank Birthday Club, was asked, “What is the most important and special part of being a club leader?” she gave a very insightful response. She claims that “The most important and special part about being a club leader is being able to inspire others and meet with people who have similar interests as I do.” A good club leader is someone who wants other students to look up to them and take on their passion, no matter how hard it might seem. If one puts enough effort and strives to make their club a success, anything is possible.


Although it is important to understand the opinions of students on the significance of clubs, it is equally important to know why faculty members – such as Upper School Dean of Students, Mr. Thompson-Echevarria – find it not only beneficial but crucial, that students have the opportunity to conduct these clubs. Mr. Thompson-Echevarria states, “I think clubs are incredibly important for our students, as it allows them to have the freedom to own something here at school.” He continues, “It gives them leadership opportunities and explores passions that are either simply passions or ones that might lead them to a future career. I think clubs are a very important part of our school culture.” Clubs allow students to get away from their time learning in classes and let them fulfill activities that can have a great impact on their future. 


By offering clubs, Scheck Hillel is giving high school students the chance to demonstrate their skills in what they are passionate about. They also give students a glimpse into their future through independence in school-related activities.