Senior Trip to Gatlinburg


This past week, the seniors (class of ‘23) took part in the infamous trip to Gatlinburg, Tennessee. To most, this trip may seem irregular or odd, but these people fail to recognize the inept bonding opportunities this trip holds, as well the unique aspects it offers for blissful freedom.

The seniors started by flying into Knoxville, Tennessee – where they were immediately struck with affinity. They loaded the buses and headed off to the heart of Gatlinburg, where the boys stayed in one cabin and the girls in another. Natalie Esquinazi (class of ‘23) told me that “staying in just two cabins offers a unique opportunity to care, bond, and grow.” After settling into the cabins, the seniors began their fun with laser tag, basketball, and much more. The day concluded with a special dinner as the entire class ate together in love and tranquility. 

Day two was even more eventful, beginning with an early morning hike to a waterfall. Here, the seniors could enjoy nature and get some cool pictures. After the hike, the class of 2023 wasted no time and headed off to Ober Mountain, where students on the trip could ski, snowboard, tube, and ice skate. Later in the day, as the seniors returned to their cabins, they bonded over a Chinese-food dinner accompanied by game night. 

It would be minimalistic to say the seniors maximized their final day in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. They began their day by playing paintballing, an activity enjoyed by Moy Sutton. He told me, “I especially enjoyed paintballing and getting the chance to work as a team with students I normally would not get the chance to work with.” After paintball, the seniors went to a place where they could ride horses and zip line. In a conversation with Maya Arnold, she mentioned that “both activities were so special in that I got to do something I normally would not do, and they were enjoyable too!” After, the seniors headed into the town, where they walked around and took in the scenery. To conclude their final day, the seniors attended a DJ party in the cabins, where students bonded over the experiences and memories they had come to form. Ultimately, upon arrival home, the seniors reminisced about their trip, and all returned home with the recollection of their journey to Gatlinburg, Tennessee.