Midterms, Midterms, and more Midterms

Midterms, the most stressful part of the year, are right around the corner for all grades 6-12. While different students have different types of midterms, these tests are usually the most stressful for many. For High School students, midterms start on December 14 and end on December 21. Luckily, after the final midterm, students will leave for Winter Break and will not have to return to school until January 9. Midterms will be done differently for High Schoolers this year, as they do not start until 12:00 PM, meaning that students will be able to sleep more before the exams.


On December 14, students will take a Judaic-based midterm, followed by a science midterm on the 15th. Unless you are a student taking AP English, AP Psychology, AP Computer Science, or two science courses, you will not be required to come on Friday the 16th, meaning that you will have the extra time to relax and study for the exams that come the following week. On the 19th, students will take their math midterm, and on the 20th, they will be rewarded for their hard work and will be treated to brunch with sushi and sufganiyot before taking their history midterm. Only students taking two math classes or who have missed a midterm will have to come on the 21st at 9:00 AM to take an exam.


While they may not be publicly announced, students will also receive midterms from other classes in the form of projects or oral tests. For example, as most Hebrew students are aware, Hebrew teachers are giving verbal tests to students in place of their midterm. As Morah Nechama Peles stated, “Oral midterms in Hebrew are better for students as they come with less stress, and students get to practice speaking Hebrew.” Additionally, many students will receive midterm projects that they will need to complete over the break.


Midterm week is genuinely one of the most stressful times of the year for many, as shown by Sophmore Raymond Gani, who said, “During the midterms, I feel an immense amount of pressure to do well.” Despite midterms being stressful and demanding, students will be adequately rewarded when they finish with a break that lasts almost three weeks.