Yuval Miara

“I really value education. Every day, I try to come with a smile on my face and incorporate music in everything I do. It is important to come to school happy, and I’ve found that music is what helps me do this. The first thing I do every morning is listen to music, mostly Israeli music. I’ve been a shaliach in two other schools and it has allowed me to share my love for giving to the schools and the community, and my love for education of Israel and the Torah. I’ve always said that educators are like farmers. A farmer places the seed in the ground, covers it with soil, and helps it grow. Educators are the same in the sense that they help children grow and they plant the seeds of education. It is important to make an impact on your students. One of my students was an 8 year old girl who was diagnosed with cancer. She was in and out of the hospital every day but was determined to remain a normal kid and attend school. Although she was going through a tough time, she took every opportunity to learn and she believed strongly in Hashem. Unfortunately she died the summer after and I was devastated, but she did teach me a lot. Every child can teach you a lesson and she taught me to never give up. She came to school, she studied, and she made sure to enjoy every moment. I think about her every day.”

– Yuval Miara, Director of Judaic Studies and Hebrew Language, K-5

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