Yisrael Allouche

“I lived my whole life in Arizona; a place I loved tremendously. That is where I had all my friends, sports, and fun, but there was one problem with where I lived, and that is, that there was no Jewish school. My parents wanted me to receive a Jewish education as they knew how important Torah and Judaism are for my future. They decided that I should attend a Jewish school in Miami, but of course, there was a catch. Due to work, my parents weren’t able to come with me and had to stay in Arizona. Although I moved in with my grandparents and cousins, I still felt a certain independence grow inside of me. The transition to Miami was simple for one main reason: Football. Before school even started at Hillel, I began practicing with the football team, and right away, I gained a liking for these kids I never met. (I even got the nickname Zona since I was the new kid from Arizona). By the time school began, it felt like I knew these kids for years, and that I really wasn’t a new kid. Now I continue my independent journey through high school in a new state, but so far, I feel at home.”

– Yisrael Allouche, 9th Grade Student

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