Why is it Good to Learn Different Languages and Cultures?

The dictionary defines culture as “The customs, arts, social institutions, and achievements of a particular nation, people, or other social groups.” The world is continuously changing and new cultures and ideas are emerging.  As such, we are given an incredible chance to learn about each other’s beliefs and interact with one another. Living in a multicultural city, Miami, it is even more valuable to know about our society’s multiple cultures for various reasons.  

The world is made up of different cultures. Knowing these different cultures is the foundation of developing a good community.  We are given the gift of living in a culturally diverse environment. Due to this, we should be open-minded to understand the world around us. Learning about cultures gives a source of context and explains history. Scheck Hillel sophomore Tammy Chehebar shares her story about her encounter with the cultures of Asia by saying, “On my trip to the oriental part of Asia, I learned a lot about different cultures. I visited Hong Kong, Thailand, Siemreap, and Cambodia, and was given the opportunity to expand my horizons beyond the Jewish community. This allowed me to gain a different perspective of the world, which I was never exposed to. I am extremely grateful for this experience, which enlightened me on some of the beautiful cultures that make up our world.” 

The world consists of racial diversity, which often creates barriers between one another. This barrier causes hate, violence, and hurts our society. People occasionally don’t get hired for jobs based on their race. Some are even given hurtful stereotypes based on what culture they belong to.  By learning about each other’s beliefs, we allow ourselves to tear down these barriers and become one community.  By doing this, instead of dwelling on the differences, we also enhance communication. Learning about each other’s cultures allows us to relate to one another and avoid miscommunication. This also benefits us since studies show that learning many languages improves memory, attention span, and broadens your horizons. Carolina Benun, a sophomore at Scheck Hillel, explains how learning about these cultures helped her.  She says, “When I was two months old, I moved for the first time. Since then, I have lived in Canada, Croatia, Netherlands, Belgium, China, Los Angeles, and recently moved to Miami. Along the way, I traveled worldwide and got the opportunity to visit 48 countries. Although moving was extremely difficult for me,  I met several different people who follow different religions and have unique beliefs. From this, I gained the ability to adapt to different places and become open-minded to other people’s perspectives. Traveling has formed who I am as a person and has helped give me considerable social skills.” Learning about the cultures that make up our world is an important aspect of our lives that we are lucky to take part in.

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