What will Biden do for Israel

In November of 2020, Joe Biden, former vice president to Barack Obama, was elected the United States of America’s newest President. As president, he must tend to many obligations and make vital decisions, such as how to handle international affairs. Specifically, the world is concerned with what his plans are for the USA’s relationship with Israel.

According to his website, “Joe Biden has consistently made solidarity with Israel, combating antisemitism, and fighting for social justice pillars of his decades-long career in public service.” 

Joe Biden plans to maintain a good relationship and stay friends with Israel, and hopefully, he fulfills his promise. 

Biden also is very against antisemitism and plans to prevent it as much as he can. Any time any form of antisemitism is brought to his attention, he publicly says how much he hates and disapproves of it. In addition to this, he plans to restore funding to the Domestic Extremism Lexicon, an organization made by the government to go against extremists, including antisemites. Hopefully, with Joe Biden as president, there will be no more antisemitism in the United States. 

In the past, Joe Biden has made it clear that he supports Israel. He has made sure Israel has a strong security system, has visited Israel many times, and has agreed with many of Israel’s ideas such as the missile and rocket defense systems, The Iron Dome,  and David’s Sling. He was also one of the main factors that made sure that the $38 billion 2016 Defence Assistance happened, and he prevented Iran’s forces from having access to a nuclear weapon, which could very likely have been used on Israel. 

Most of this has been in the past, but Biden has some plans for Israel’s future as well. He will continue to respect the beliefs American Jews practice in their daily or yearly lives. This consists of all of the Jewish holidays such as Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, and Hanukkah. 

As stated on the Biden website, “As President, Biden will carry forward the fight to achieve bold, progressive change that aligns with the values that American Jews cherish: equality and dignity for all, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, disability, or creed, and a brighter future for our children.” 

Moreso, Biden has put a lot of pressure on the Palestinians to end their policy of paying terrorists’ families money, which is known to encourage terrorism against Israel. In response to Biden getting elected, the Palestinian Authority said they would end this policy as a way of showing a desire to start negotiating again. This could mean possible peace between the USA, Palestine, and Israel. 

Biden also plans to bring Israel back to being a bipartisan issue rather than a republican or democrat issue. A bipartisan issue is one where both parties agree rather than disagreeing and one winning. Biden wants Israel to become a bipartisan issue again; it was one for years but now is becoming less and less of one. 

If Biden does what he says, he will be a friend and companion of Israel, but many people have opinions about whether he will follow through. The same question was asked to Scheck Hillel students, “Once Biden is officially president, do you think he will stick to his word, be a companion, and help Israel, or will he do nothing in Israel’s favor?” 

Tenth-grade student Natalie Esquenazi, replied, “Personally, I believe that Biden will not stick to his word and do nothing for Israel. While Trump did many things that helped Israel and their safety, I don’t think Biden will do the same because he has not shown as much interest in Israel or has made as much effort as Trump has to become close with Netanyahu and the Israeli government. I believe that Biden will do the bare minimum; he will keep a friendly face and be nice, but not too much more than that. I hope Biden does keep his word, but unfortunately, I believe he will do the opposite and do nothing.”

Another student from Scheck Hillel, Samantha Rothschild, a senior, agreed with Natalie Esquenasi when asked the same question, “I believe that Biden will not do what he says he will. I believe this because when you look at past decisions he has made having to do with Israel, many of them barely benefited Israel and benefited Palestinians or Muslims. I believe that Biden will not do it even though he says he will. I think Biden would put more effort into becoming allies with the Muslims than becoming allies with Israel. I think he will do nothing for Israel and erase everything positive Trump did for Israel.”

Most Jews hope Biden will follow through and support, protect, and help Israel become greater and be in peace. Hopefully, this happens, and Israel will be in good hands with the newly elected president, Joe Biden.


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