What comes next for America after the elections

The results for the presidential elections are in: Former Vice President Joe Biden was elected as the 46th president of the United States of America. However, what does this mean for the rest of us?

Soon after Biden won the race to 270, President Trump decided to go to court to fight for a recount in Arizona, Michigan, and Georgia. All three of these states are usually Republican states, which is why something ‘shady’ against the red party shouldn’t have happened; nevertheless, Trump gave the go for these lawsuits. These suits didn’t last very long as the state courts in each of these states threw the case away due to the lack of evidence, meaning that it had no reason to go to a federal court. The Trump campaign recently announced that they would drop these charges and announce Joe Biden as the United States’ newest President.

Nonetheless, many states did complete the recount, and it didn’t turn out too well for President Trump. The state of Wisconsin complied with Trump’s initial request, and they recounted every vote submitted on election day. The Trump campaign specifically asked for a recount in the city of Milwaukee. This city supposedly had some ballots thrown out and many miscounted; however, Biden still ended up on top at the end of the recount. The recount not only still had Biden on top, but it gave him an additional 87 votes. Every state that held a recount ended up going to Biden as it did before.

Although it might seem like President Trump is some sore loser, he had a point for all the chaos he caused after the elections were over. Overnight on election day, thousands of mail-in ballots were counted, which helped Biden gain the lead. Although this sounds suspicious, what made it even more strange was that every single vote counted from this batch went to Joe Biden and not President Trump. This, of course, made President Trump curious and caused him to take these states to court, whether the government itself was Democrat or Republican. President Trump said, “My mind will not change in six months,” in the first post-election TV interview, Trump renewed his seemingly baseless claims of voter fraud. Although the elections are over and the Trump campaign did admit defeat, Trump will always say that these elections were unfair. 

As the newly elected President, Joe Biden immediately announced his plans for the country. For starters, Biden’s feud with Trump will cause him to speedily abolish many of the laws and bills Trump passed. Additionally, President Biden announced that he will take action with the deadly pandemic: COVID-19. For example, he wants to mandate masks; there will be a temporary law saying that all people will have to wear masks. This law will most probably cause many protests against wearing masks since these protests are already taking place all over the country. To add to the COVID-19 issue, Biden said that he will provide COVID-19 relief and improve the U.S. medical infrastructure. All this is true, but Biden’s main goal with this pandemic is to complete and distribute a vaccine around the country.

I asked two students in the class of 2023 to elaborate on their opinion about the scandal that Trump created about their being cheating in the voting system. Daniel Brown said, “The government has proven that Biden won in a clean and fair fight. Nevertheless, it is very shady that so many votes appeared overnight, and many votes were found in Philadelphia that belonged to dead and/or illegal people.” Brown’s classmate – Alexandra Serfaty –  gave me a response as well. She said as follows, “I don’t pay much attention to politics but what happened couldn’t have been fully right. Still, Joe Biden is our President, and he will do much for this country whether it is good or bad.” Going through these fearful elections will affect this country greatly. Still, President Biden has much in mind for this country and he will act upon many things, whether they be good or bad.

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