Vote Your Conscience

The tooth fairy. Swallowing an appleseed will make an apple tree grow in your stomach. As kids, we grow up believing that whatever our parents tell us is true. We also grow up believing that if our parents believe something then we have to believe it, and anyone who opposes their views is wrong. Why wouldn’t we believe them? Why? Because, our parents grew up in a different world than we have. People were more trusting and had more faith in each other. What were once taboo issues are no longer prevalent. Citizens have now evolved into a more progressive and informed society. This stark contrast yields a gaping difference of opinions between the generations. But now that we are older, we need to start forming our own opinions, especially about politics.

The 2016 presidential election saw a lot of controversy. Trump v. Clinton. Clinton v. Trump. Emails. Disrespect. MAGA. Black Lives, All Lives, Blue Lives all swirled around the candidates. Accusations and scandals spurring on both sides, rather than discussing the real matter of the election: policy.

Anyone who watched the debates can agree that eye rolling, finger pointing, and denial were among the main things that occurred. The debates were very unhelpful in deciphering which candidate better aligned with our views. But what are our views?

Because of the generational gap between us and our parents, our political opinions may diverge. We do not yet have a political voice and we do not yet know where we truly stand. We need to understand what is most important today and how it will affect us tomorrow. This PEW Research quiz presents you with different scenarios to interpret where you lean politically. You may be shocked with your results.

So upperclassmen, take this quiz to prepare for the upcoming 2018 midterm elections. Let’s rock the vote!

Political Typology Quiz


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