Volta Show Review

When people think of the circus they think,”Wow I’m never going to be able to do that.” The Volta show lived up to its name; volta means energy, and every single artist on the stage exploded with energy. The show has many unique acts and a variety of amazing tricks including backflips, tucks, and ariels. In addition, they had an extraordinary singer, who stunned the audience with her voice. All of the performers were dressed up in vibrant costumes that expressed their energy. One could see every detail from their colorful faces to their bright shoes, that made every single character special.

Celine Werta, a ninth grade student in Hillel, exclaims, “Volta is a show that explains how people should be themselves no matter what the people around them think and that it’s okay to be different.” The show’s main idea was about a young boy who looked different than everyone else, and as he grew up, he tried to hide from his true self. He made sure no one knew how different he was from everyone else. In the middle of the show, the little boy expresses his true inner self by showing his differences. There where many outstanding acts during the show, but Celine says, “Even though the tricks were good, the best part show was when the guy was struggling to do his laundry because it was the funniest part.” Even though Celine says, “Even though the Volta showcase wasn’t the best show I’ve seen it was definitely unique.”

The Volta show is entertaining for any age group, not just little kids. No matter who’s watching the show, that person will be amazed. Mrs. Baltodano, an english teacher at Hillel says,”Each Cirque de Soleil show has their own theme and this one really spoke to me about being true to yourself and to celebrate all that makes us unique.” Adults usually take kids to see the circus, but they end up being amazed themselves. In the middle of the show, there was an act where a girl did something that I imagined hurt her head so much. She first appeared to just be sitting down on the floor and it wasn’t that all exciting. Suddenly she was lifted off the ground by a rope, but the rope was attached to her head. Excitingly, Mrs. Baltodano says, “The show was great from start to finish. Each act seemed to get better and better.”

The ending was nothing like I’d seen before. People were on bikes, flipping in the air like it was the last day they were going to live. They came from all different directions and ended with a big bang. The Volta show isn’t just a show, but it’s a story that comes to life.


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