Venezuela’s Call for Help

Venezuela is calling for help as devastation and ignorance eclipse its wonders. With a declining economy and unrivaled levels of starvation, the country is going through a crisis that no one, besides the people there, are able to understand. Necessities that people in the United States take for granted, such as toilet paper and toothbrushes, are rarities in this country, as less than 30% of the population has these basic items. Kids with growling stomachs and teenagers quitting school to support their families is considered “normal”. Venezuela’s landscapes and riches have been taken over by the corrupt government that is deteriorating the country by the minute.

Many organizations to help the devastated country have risen as people are familiarized with the country’s worsening situation. Individuals around the world believe that as the needy struggle to maintain themselves, they should take action. This philosophy can be seen in Venezuela, as it is one of the main countries receiving external aid nowadays. One of these organizations, Dejando Mi Huella, financially helps disabled kids in Venezuela, where there is an insufficiency of means and materials to provide adequate medical care.  The organization’s strong and mournful background gives the people a greater incentive to donate money. Dejando Mi Huella was started by a Jewish mother with a perfectly healthy child that unexpectedly fell into a pool. As a result, the child developed several complications and later died due to the low quality medical care provided. The heartbroken mother chose to take matters into her own hands by starting this organization, which is aimed to help kids who are facing similar issues her son previously had. A large team of individuals works together to raise money in order to supply people with the appropriate devices that help them live with their medical conditions. This organization serves as a gateway of hope for these kids who are surrounded by such hardship.

Students at the Scheck Hillel campus are constantly looking for opportunities to exercise the values of Tikkun Olam by acting constructively, as demonstrated by the kids raising money for Dejando Mi Huella. Sofia Nessim, Priscila Frank, Leigh Osovitzki, and Michaylo Rafahlskyy sell donuts during bagel break for this non profit organization. Priscila stated that she visited Venezuela recently and “the situation has never been worse”, adding that “there had to be something she could do in order to help kids living with these conditions under such a crisis.” Watching our student body take initiative in what can become a huge movement is amazing, as it sets the example of using our influence to help those in need.

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