Vanessa Gonik

“This summer, I went on a trip that changed my life forever. With a group called Mindo Futures, I spent a week on a medical mission in the city of Mindo, Ecuador. From 8 AM until 9 PM, we would treat patients of all sorts. There, I saw kids with the rarest conditions, and some of it really shocked me. The most memorable was a little girl who was amazed at the fact that I spoke more than one language. I thought for a second and realized how lucky I am to be blessed with the opportunities I have. After a week, my biggest take away was how amazing our lives are and how much of it we take for granted. These kids really taught me to appreciate my life and realize everything in life is a blessing. This trip reassured my dream of one day becoming a doctor because these are the type of patients I really want to help out when I’m older.”

– Vanessa Gonik, 12th Grade Student

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