Vanessa Donaher

“I think it’s important to know that the time that is spent here on earth is very limited, and I think that it is also important to make your time here purposeful. Most people live within a vacuum and impact very few people. To those people, their impact is important. However, the circle you have an impact on is a smaller one. So, I like to figure out ways to make the circle larger thereby impacting more people. For me, it’s through adoption. If I impact one child’s life, then I’m impacting future generations. The child’s life changes from having one future, to now having another. That means that for forever and ever, I’m indirectly impacting more people. But, it doesn’t have to be on that level. It could be doing something in politics where you enact a change. One does not have to touch another person’s life directly, but one can impact others through different ways as well. So, I want to encourage people to find out how to leave their mark on this world in a way that impacts future generations or just people outside their immediate circle.”

– Vanessa Donaher, Head of Upper School and Director of College Counseling

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