Trump Impeachment Situation

Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of the house, is filing a bribery case against President Trump. She claims that President Trump didn’t send Ukraine the $400 million of aid and military support in order to feed his personal agenda. The President holds that he withheld Ukraine’s’ aid money because he wanted other European countries to join in. There is a scandal involving President Trump asking President Zelensky of Ukraine to look into his political rival Joe Biden and his son, Hunter. Speaker Pelosi is looking to impeach President Trump for his actions, but there still isn’t evidence that incriminates neither Biden nor Trump.


Hunter Biden serves on the Ukranian Energy Companys’ board, which is notoriously filled with corrupt businessmen. In one of his speeches, Joe Biden told the public that, when he was Vice President, he threatened the President of Ukraine to fire his attorney general on corruption charges, or else the US would end their amicable relationship with Ukraine. While this was going on, the Ukranian attorney general was investigating the company that Hunter Biden was working at, which is the basis for Trump’s suspicions of the Bidens. President Trump is planning to use this event to his advantage the 2020 presidential election, in which Joe Biden is one of his primary opponents. Hunter Biden took a job in this business board without having any of the requirements needed for the job, and he earns about $600,000 a year. This matter was brought up to President Trump, who claims that Hunter Biden is one of the most corrupt people in this business, but there is still no evidence of Hunter Biden being corrupt, of Joe Biden attempting to cover up for his son, or of President Trump bribing the Ukranian government. President Trump decided to hold out the money months before this incident, so he claims that it was completely unrelated to his asking Zelensky for assistance.


Later on, a false report emerged regarding President Trumps’ conversation with the Ukranian President. A whistleblower in the White House released a report complaining that President Trump was using his power to gain a head start over other presidential candidates for the 2020 candidacy. Therefore, President Trump released the official recording for the entire public to see, disproving his allegations. But, Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff formed an Impeachment committee to try and impeach the President. Adam Shiff, the President of the committee, misled the public to believe that President Trump had abused his Presidential power. Schiff then admitted that he misquoted the transcript between President Trump and President Zelensky, describing the call as a “classic organized crime shakedown.”


This is the fourth time that the Democratic party has tried to impeach President Trump, with the first three ending in failure. President Trump is the Republican incumbent for the next presidential election, while the Democrats are still searching for their star candidate. 


Rabbi Boyd, a Judaic History teacher at Scheck Hillel, states this, “ I think that President Trump will get impeached by the House of Representatives, but he won’t get convicted by the Senate. Soon enough, the scandal will pass.” 


Alex Benaroch, a student at Scheck Hillel states as follows, “ Nothing will end up happening to President Trump. He won’t get impeached nor taken out of office. All that’s happened will soon be forgotten.” This scandalous story has been occupying the media for the last few weeks, but until more evidence is uncovered, it is unlikely that there will be a clear conclusion.

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