The Road to College

As the road to college rears its end, students begin applying to their dream schools. Wherever they want to go – whether it’s New York or Los Angeles – Scheck Hillel makes sure to carve their students’ paths to success. Via college prep – the most crucial step on the road to college – Hillel adequately prepares its students for success when the application process rolls around. Teachers help their students by providing endless opportunities: office hours, makeup exams, etc. to help students reach their maximum potential. While students focus on their grades, Hillel aims to offer numerous honors and advanced placement opportunities – advanced classes challenge students, and thus mold them into a better self. Along with the rigorous courses Hillel offers, it also provides its students with SAT/ACT – a most crucial college admissions exam – prep. With the encouragement and insight of Hillel’s college counselors, students have all the necessary resources to succeed. The process of college applications suddenly becomes a fun venture as Hillel provides its students with an uplifting environment loaded with endless encouragement.

As curriculum continues to stand as the most weighted portion of the college admissions process, students must maintain a rigorous academic course load. Students must progress and collectively show improvement each year whilst maintaining impressive grades as well. Scheck Hillel offers multiple course levels to best fit the student’s abilities: college prep, honors, and advanced placement, and having specific course levels allow students to prosper. Eleventh grade students, however, direct their energy toward the renown standardized tests: either the SAT or ACT. As they study for months and take this exam multiple times, Juniors are burdened with receiving an excellent score that will help define their futures. With the help of Hillel staff and resources, students’ studying is facilitated. “This test drains so much energy out of me and takes so much time to study for, but my Revolution Prep tutor does a really good job on focusing on my strengths and weaknesses. I have learned so much already since the beginning of the year,” said Hillel Junior Leo Serfaty. Hillel – partnered with Revolution Prep – offers a packed course of exam prep. This course – striving to help students reach their maximum potential – pairs a tutor with a small group of students in order to maximize its effect. Incorporated into the schedule of every Hillel Junior, this course has definitely increased scores, and its effect is often understated. As colleges must compare students from different schools, standardized testing ensures the validity of their judgement. Focusing on core foundations, these exams are the best way colleges can sift through their applicants. With Hillel counselors constantly helping students find the path to a better GPA, and college counselors helping them throughout the college admissions process, families are alleviated of what otherwise would have been an expensive, private counselor. 

The application process, though lengthy, is worth every ounce of energy. To further complicate this process, colleges commend extracurricular activities: clubs, community service, and involvement within the school. With this in mind, Hillel designs the perfect environment for an aspiring student. With weekly assemblies and student government, students are able to participate and take charge of their school. Hillel’s student government has positions ranging from chesed chair, to secretary, to grade representatives, and to president. Within this varying range, there are numerous positions to be held; this allows a chance for students to voice their opinions in their school. “I want to make change happen. I want our voice to be heard, and I want to be part of something bigger that can make a difference,” shares Stephanie Wolak, the 11th grade representative. In this opportunity-filled environment, bravery will be commended and rewarded with a leading position in the high school student government. Moreover, Hillel offers countless opportunities for clubs and organizations to grow. Students can start any club they desire,in school and have other students join and participate. Some clubs are fun-oriented as some are charitable: these are branches of real charity organizations. 

Lastly – to perfect the extracurricular section of the college application – Hillel requires 100 community service hours for graduation. Completed by high school students who dream of receiving their diploma, this community service is a truly rewarding experience not only on a personal level, but this amount of hours also impresses admissions officers. Heading into their senior year, high school students meet with their college counselors to – as they gather all these crucial efforts – build an outstanding, strong application. 

Starting in ninth grade, Scheck Hillel students hold an advantage over every other student. As our school offers endless support, standardized test prep, counselor meetings, GPA check ins, student government positions, clubs, and community service, students are guaranteed a road to success. Students, from their utopian dream colleges, look back at high school with a satisfactory feeling of success. This help is not found so easily anywhere else – it is a gift from Hillel to its students. Within this encouraging environment, success is at your fingertips: all you have to do is reach.

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