The Effect of Technology During Corona

In this generation, being a younger person, teen, or child, a main source of entertainment is electronic devices. Whether it is a computer, phone, or iPad, kids are highly attracted to all of it. Before March of 2020, parents and adults always said that kids use their phones too much. What they didn’t know was that once quarantine started, the time spent on electronic devices enlarged tremendously in time. 

An abnormal amount of electronic devices and technology is being used as a result of the Coronavirus. When quarantine began students had a more positive attitude towards their studies and a more expansive ability to focus. Technology has not only affected his or her life but also their attitude towards their academic responsibilities. 

When stuck at home having nothing to do, most people resort to using their electronic devices. Scrolling through social media and watching all the shows and movies on Netflix have become a very popular activity over the past few months. Not only are people just using more devices, but the devices have also started to make an impact on their academic, work, and personal life. 

When students are at home taking online classes they have their phones an inch away from them. If they were just to pick it up and go on TikTok, Instagram, etc, The teacher wouldn’t notice and whatever they would be doing on their phone would be more interesting to them than what they’re learning in the class. Most young adults and kids choose the temptation of their phone or iPad over their academics which can take a great effect on the grade in the class. If someone is on their device instead of paying attention and engaging in the class they’re in, they will miss the information which can cause their grades to drop. They won’t score great on tests and quizzes and ultimately won’t know the information when they should. 

Another effect technology is having on teens and kids in an online school is the fact that when they are taking a test, quiz, or assessment they aren’t using just a ride to the full capacity. They use their phone on their computer to cheat or help them out with answers when that is morally wrong and against most student bylaws. The students know that their teacher is behind them and can’t see what they’re doing. They also know the teacher can’t see their phone and whether they’re searching things upon it, so they take it to their advantage and end up not knowing any information and being ethically wrong. 

Three of the biggest increases of percent of use from the time that covid started are Netflix, youtube, and Facebook. Netflix enlarged 16%, Youtube 15.3, and Facebook with a whopping 27%. These statistics just prove the point that people are using their technology instead of many things they did prior to the covid quarantine. 

Two Scheck Hillel students were asked this question, “Does the amount of technology kids have been using due to corona affected their daily life and school?” Maya Arnold, a tenth grader replied saying, “Personally, I completely believe that the overuse of technology the teens are using during the pandemic has an effect on their life. From personal experience and from talking with friends that have gone through online school as well, we all agree that while in class at home, there is a big temptation to go on your phone and do something else instead of pay attention. Although it doesn’t seem like such a difficult decision, it is so hard to choose between paying attention in class or going on TikTok and watching funny videos.”

Another tenth grader, Natalie Esquenazi, said this to the above question, “I feel that in-person school is a much better option than an online school. If I am allowed in person, that’s what I am going to do. When I’m online there is just too much pressure to go on my phone and do something else. This is bad though because then when we have an assignment or a test I don’t know the correct information. I think that because of the amount of technology that kids and teens have been using over the past few months, now, when most of them have a chance to do something better such as in-person school, they opt out of it because it’s what they’re used to at this point. I speak for many teens when I say, being in a physical school, I am learning so much more and understanding all the material taught to me. I could not say that a couple of months ago when I had no choice in the matter. 

Overall, the extensive amount of technology the younger generation is using is affecting everyone in different ways whether it is noticeable or not. Some have had an easier time disregarding the desire to go on their phones than others. All in all, the absurd amounts of technology used by young students is another negative effect of the covid pandemic


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