The College Mindset

Throughout our high school careers, college is perpetually at the forefront of our minds. Every decision and action is geared towards getting accepted to a top institution. The nagging tinge never shuts off; especially when the stress of having to write an umpteenth amount of essays, for universities or colleges we may never end up attending, hits.

For many students, the college process is a mystery. Many begin not knowing the difference between an Ivy League and a state school. This is when guidance from Scheck Hillel’s college counselors is most important. Mrs. Alexandra Gonzalez and Ms. Cecilia Grano de Oro work hand in hand with each student, helping them find a college or university that matches what the student feels is most important.

They recommend, if possible, visiting the schools you most want to attend. “Setting foot on campus is really the only way that you are going to click with the school,” said Gonzalez.

Once on campus, take in everything around you. From the people, to the residence halls, to the dining halls, to the environment, and the city it is located in, the smallest details could completely transform your opinion about the school. Gonzalez also said, “It is ok to dislike a school because what you don’t like will help you find what you do like.” Senior Michelle Klainbaum said that when she visited New York University it was one of her top choices, however, she decided not to apply because she did not want to study in a big city.

Although it may seem as if it is light years away, application season is always right around the corner and anything you can do to make the process just that much easier will go a long way.

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