Students Taking Charge

Every school provides class trips and activities for their students. Whether it’s local or abroad, all students look forward to the activities coming. Some schools have access to funds that are used to provide fun trips for the students. Others have the students raise their own money, as it teaches how much money is really worth in life. Some trips that schools commonly prepare for their students are to St. Augustine, Washington, and Orlando. 

At Scheck Hillel Community, our school pushes students to be activists and raise money for part of our trips and to help our peers who aren’t able to afford the trip. Working together as a grade, organizing fundraising brings people closer together as they bond over which method they could use to come up with the money. At the beginning of each year of high school, the students are able to vote for representatives who serve as the voice of the entire grade. Each grade relies on this individual to take their wants and needs and if possible, put them into action. The representatives also take charge when raising the money for their grade’s trip. They are held accountable for the ideas and execution. Classmates are used to helping raise money and are truly relied on to make sure sufficient funds are smoothly collected.

In 9th grade at Scheck Hillel Community School, the students have the opportunity to take a trip to Israel. During the trip, the students will experience life-changing events and are able to see jaw-dropping sites. The whole experience is run by teachers, faculty advisors, and chaperones. As one can expect, the price of this trip is far from cheap. From plane tickets to food and hotels, the expenses keep adding up. To help the school with some of the activity prices and to support students who aren’t able to afford the trip, 9th-grade students organize ways to make the money needed. 

The 9th grade voted representative, Sofia Wengrosky, is looked upon as a source to whom peers feel comfortable to share their ideas. Looking up at past senior fundraising, Sofia has put in motion various morning activities to raise money. Starting on cold mornings, 9th graders have come together with Israel trip advisor Coach Morgan to prepare delicious hot chocolate with miny marshmallows. Middle and high school students got to enjoy the hot chocolate for only two dollars while talking with friends during the usual ten-minute bagel break. 

Along with the hot chocolate, every Friday, activities take place before and during school. Students and parents know that on Friday morning in the high school circle dropoff, one is able to see eager 9th-grade students jumping around encouraging parents to buy soft and appetizing challahs for only five dollars each. The funds from the challah have substantially helped the fundraising efforts. Then, during bagel break, arepas are being made right on the spot. Every Thursday afternoon after school, a few 9th graders come together to prepare the masa (dough) for the arepas. On Friday, the students come together to place the cheese in the ready dough and cook it in the maker. Students push in lines and wait impatiently to buy the five dollar cheesy food. 

Throughout various school experiences, a school must have different ways to get a student and their peers to work together. At Scheck Hillel Community School, this is shown when students work together to fundraise money for their grade trip. Working together and looking at older grades for ideas can truly make an impact and bring all students together which only helps the growth of unity and love pushed throughout every minute, every day. 


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