Student Led Community Service

Scheck Hillel is filled with opportunities for students to get involved in things they love! One of the great ways this is manifested in is with our student-run Clubs, in which students are granted the chance to bring their unique ideas and make them a reality. The list of recently formed clubs ranges anywhere from TECHO to NOCAP to the Environmental Club and the Economics Club. So, Hillel definitely has a club for each and every student, no matter their differences. 

For two years and counting, TECHO has offered students the opportunity to travel to Costa Rica and build homes for impoverished families. The club, which was founded by the current eleventh grader, Natalie Abramowitz, has been one of the most sought after programs the school has to offer because of the amazing experience it provides the students. It gives them a chance to see outside of themselves, as they are tasked with helping others: our students assist in building functional homes that previously had no electricity, no running water, and no power tools. Natalie and all the others have felt the long-lasting impact this program has and will have throughout their whole life. “I had always been really interested in the TECHO Organization so when the opportunity arose for me to be part of it, I knew I had to take it. To see each year how the work we do throughout the year comes full circle and to see the smile on the people’s faces when they see their new houses, means the world to me,” Natalie said. Natalie, along with other club participants, can explain first-hand how life-changing and humbling TECHO is, and how important of a pillar in their lives it has been. 


Another club, which was created this year by current ninth grader Asher Sochaczewski, focuses on taking responsibility for the environment as a means to make sure the next generation continues to live in our prospering planet. Asher, who is backed by Yishai Cohen, the student life director, has created one of the best clubs this school has seen. From selling metal straws to bringing in speakers, Asher does it all to create awareness over everyone’s duty to care for the planet. Asher mentioned that “after watching environmental videos and seeing how we are slowly killing our planet, I began thinking about how I could make a personal difference on the world during my high school years. I gave it a lot of thought, and I decided I would help fix the environment we had broken through mini-projects. I started with a simple beach clean-up with only a few participants helping me pick up objects that could potentially be a danger to animals. I then convinced the school to get rid of styrofoam (like plates) and to sell environmental-friendly straws, whose funds we could then donate to an organization that plants trees. My future plans on campus are to put in more recycling bins and to continue educating everyone on the harm we are bringing to our planet.” Asher, along with his club participants, are working endlessly to better the school and the world around them. 


Through clubs and other programs, students are taking initiative to embody the value of Tikkun Olam and repair the world around them through selfless acts of kindness and giving back.

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