Student Government and Constitution

Student Government:

On September 12, high school student government elections took place at Scheck Hillel. Candidates from grades 9-12 ran for positions such as Grade Representative, Treasurer, Secretary, Vice President, and High School President


The week before elections, candidates campaigned with posters, stickers, slogans, and treats. During clubs, they  represented themselves through compelling speeches. Then, all high school students were given the chance to vote.


The outcomes were:

  • 9th grade representative = Sofia Wengrowsky
  • 10th grade representative = Stephanie Wolak
  • 11th grade representative = Sara Levy
  • 12th grade representative = Joel Assor
  • Treasurer = Andrea Strulovic
  • Secretary = Ilana Stiberman
  • Vice President = Gabriella Bonwitt
  • Male High School President = Alex Wagenberg
  • Female High School President = Yael Sefchovich


When Yael, the Female President, was asked about her campaigning strategy, she stated, “I loved the process, but it was difficult.” Yael had to promote herself by hanging posters all around the school and giving out stickers featuring her name to everyone she saw. She also had to speak to the high school student body and explain why she deserved to be their president. However, Yael did not do this alone. She says, “I was part of an extraordinary team.” Her team of students further advocated for Yael to become Female President. Yael was “extremely excited to be the student’s voice,” and help the school through her, and everyone else’s ideas.


When Alex, the Male President, was asked about what he hopes he can accomplish in the future, he claimed, “I’m looking forward to impacting student life both on and off campus. I hope to do this through community service projects, increasing ruach [spirit] at school, and addressing immediate concerns any student may have. Dress code, spirit days, and fundraising are some additional ideas.”


New Constitution:

This year’s student government must abide by Scheck Hillel’s new constitution. Last year, the 2018-2019 student government drafted a new and improved constitution. It applies to this year’s student body and all future ones. The constitution specifically states the student government’s aspirations. It also incorporates new positions, which grades are eligible for them, and exactly what each position is responsible for.


The constitution reads, “The mission of the The Scheck Hillel Upper School Student Government is to cultivate and train a cohort of responsible, creative and passionate Jewish student leaders who will enrich student experiences on-campus through planning engaging activities and programs for their student body.”


Additionally, the new constitution alters student government positions. Instead of having two presidents elected for each grade, there is only one. This position is also called grade representative in replacement of the former title, grade president. Furthermore, three new positions – treasurer, secretary, and vice president – have originated. The Treasurer assists in financing, accounting, and budget, while the Secretary is in charge of advertising and communication with students. The Vice President is able to step into the role of President if necessary, and aims to work with the presidents, assisting them with anything and everything.


Election rules, regulations, and voting procedures are also included in the constitution. It states: campaigning will last for four days, elections must occur within thirty days of the first day of school, and all speeches made must be approved by the dean and considered “clean” by the school.


All in all, the new school year has brought new students to run student government and a remodeled constitution. These two changes can we very beneficial to Scheck Hillel by providing fresh perspectives and increased organization. With new leaders and positions, this year can be the most innovative and efficient yet.

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