Our world is constantly progressing, creating, and destroying. As human beings, it’s in our nature to be in transit, to be evolving. Yet, we have become overly occupied and overly comfortable with this immediacy. Some might call it a fast-paced, rushed lifestyle, but others will say we’re speeding through life, and there is no excuse that could justify that crime. We’re walking, driving, texting, talking, working, eating, and sleeping, all while turning a blind eye to what is truly important; this current instant.

Everyone always says to “Live in the moment”, or “Focus on the present”, and we usually just nod our heads in agreement for the sake of being left alone and unbothered. What we should really do, is listen to those who speak because words carry too much wisdom to be disregarded and thrown away. Resting is not only beneficial physically, but psychologically and emotionally.

We need to take a moment and stop. A moment to breath. A moment to enjoy, and completely immerse ourselves, in the world around us. For some reason, our generation has lost its humanity, turning to live life as mechanical robots. We need to slow down, unwind, and recharge. Imagine what would happen, if just for a second, the world stopped; if all seven billion people on our planet ceased to go through life’s courses. No texting, no talking, no driving, no walking; just standing motionless, in unison.

The power of living in the moment is extremely underestimated. Forget yesterday and ignore tomorrow; instead, focus on the present. So, whenever you can, look up from whatever you’re doing, stop for a second, and acknowledge the fact that our goal is not to live for the sake of existing, but for the sake of truly living.

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