Steven Budman

“I like to call myself the grandfather of the grade. Not everyone thinks our grade is the brightest or the hardest working, but if you look into the grade and each person, there is something special and this is undeniable. Not just as a whole, but each individual has a unique aspect, everyone has their own unique little personalities, that bring a little bit of flair to the grade a little bit of different. That is why when people ask me why I’m always smiling, I just say look around. I’m surrounded by the best people in the world. I’m surrounded by laughter, love, companionship. Being here since I was four, you get to know everyone and it feels like they’re my real family. Now, this might be a cliche, but it is true in this case. Now to the class of 2017, be ready to witness greatness. We will be the greatest class to ever graduate.”

– Steven Budman, 12th Grade Student

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