Stephanie Atri

“Two years ago, I had the incredible opportunity of participating in The Voice Mexico. I auditioned, alongside 80,000 others who shared the same goal as I did; ultimately, I qualified as one of the top forty that would perform on national television. When the show aired and my voice was heard across all of Mexico, I lived my first five minutes of fame. Although I did not go further in the competition, it was truly an unmatched experience. Not only did it intensify my love for singing, but it helped me realize what I was doing it all for. The experience taught me that what fueled my resilience was not a need for fame, but rather sharing my passion with others. Onstage, I choose to become vulnerable by transforming my deepest emotions into music, and in that way, the audience feels what I feel. The connection I create with the public is what pushes me to continue trying. I learned that fame is temporary, but the ability to touch others with my voice lasts forever. Now, living in Miami, I constantly take part in different performances and auditions because following my dream is something I will never stop doing.”

– Stephanie Atri, 9th Grade Student

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