Sports during the Pandemic

The Coronavirus has shut down the majority of shops and schools, leaving many people bored at home. Children and adults alike, in desperate need of entertainment, are asking, “What about sports?” Sports leagues quickly shut down as soon as the number of cases of the Coronavirus spiked and as people began to get extremely sick. For example, an NBA player’s, Karl Anthony Towns, mother tragically passed away of the virus. However, it wasn’t only basketball that took an initiative in shutting down all sports.  The English Premier league, the most prestigious soccer, or football as they say in England, league shut down all activity on March 13 until now, but they are currently evaluating reports and making critical decisions on when they will continue to play. Along with the Premier league, La Liga, the Spanish league which is also one of the most prominent leagues in Europe, suspended play on March 13, saying “It is absolutely irresponsible to let the players play with the situation we have at hand.” All leagues across Europe followed suit later that week including Ligue 1, Bundesliga, and Serie A. All of these leagues announced that they will suspend play and training with clubs until sometime in April, however with the situation continuing to worsen, it doesn’t seem that the players will be getting to play any time soon. However other leagues do seem more promising than others. For example, the Bundesliga assures that it will finish the season no matter what, and have recently resumed playing. Other leagues like the Ligue 1 announced that they will no longer continue to play, even after quarantine is over, and crowned a league champion already. The same is true with the Mexican Super Liga, however they did not announce a champion. The NBA did the same, announcing many possible changes for the future. For example, next season there might not be fans in the arena at all, depending on the development of a vaccine. 

This has not stopped other players from still training at home and keeping the public entertained. For example, Sergio Aguero, a player for Manchester City in the Premier League streams his FIFA games, racking in more than 1000 views every time he streams. Tom Brady, the soon to be quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, co-hosted a charity golf game with Peyton Manning that features expert golfers Phil Mickelson and Tiger woods. This game not only entertained the public, but also raised around $20 million for relief from the virus. In addition, other athletes including Stephen Curry, Trae Young, Sergio Ramos, Alex Oxlade Chamberlain, Alex Ovechkin, and more are doing the best that they can at home while quarantined in order to have fun at home. 

As far as a return to sports, there is no specific date regarding when a majority of the leagues are to come back. Most of them have estimated dates to resume training, however it all depends on whether or not there are any developments in a vaccine or a cure for the virus. At this point, we just have to wait it out and watch the clock as scientists and first responders are hard at work. Regarding sports, let’s hope that soon these leagues will get back to work and our favorite players will be back in play.

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