Sophie, Naomi, Luiza, and Morris Kryss

“We moved to the United States at the beginning of eighth grade. Our first day at Hillel is something that we will never forget. The four of us were scared since we barely knew English. All we knew was the little we learned in our bilingual school in Sao Paulo, but we knew that wasn’t enough for the American day-to-day life. As soon as we got to class, everyone came to talk to us and, we can tell, they wanted to know more about us. At that moment we felt more calm and the transition became easier. We realized that it wouldn’t be as hard as we thought to make friends and to adjust to such a different environment. As time passed, we slowly became more familiar with the school and the way that everything worked. One thing that helped us was to join Hillel’s athletics program. In our country, Brazil, soccer is something that was part of our daily life, and by joining the soccer and golf teams at Hillel, it felt like a part of home was with us everyday. Also, we had eachother. Having three familiar faces at school everyday was amazing because we knew there was someone we can come home and talk about our day to. Having each other through the transition is the best thing we could’ve asked for, and now we feel more at home then ever.”

–  Sophie, Naomi, Luiza, and Morris Kryss, 11th Grade Students

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