Shtech club visits Hard Rock Stadium

The Miami Dolphins are worth over one billion dollars and has a revenue of over three hundred million dollars. There isn’t a more successful and influential business to visit in South Florida, but the Shtech Club has given club members that incredible opportunity. The Dolphins are a cultural symbol, attracting millions of fans in South Florida with its enormous, modern stadium. After entering, the club members got an exclusive tour of the stadium, visiting many areas where players spend time before and after home games. Surprisingly, just as the club participants walked into the famous locker room, they witnessed each of our names implanted on the lockers. To say the least, they had an incredible experience in the locker room, observing the many number of lockers around the room belonging to the best footballer players in the world. Gad Lisker, 10th Grade, said, “It was awesome to see my name on one of the lockers as a pleasant and unforgettable surprise. Who knows, this might be Jarvis Landry’s locker.”

Then, the club participants officially met the onsite marketing and advertising team. They manage all of the Dolphin’s social media accounts, which have a combined four million followers. They manage and spread awareness through TV advertising and billboards around South Florida. This marketing team has made fifteen videos about their all star players and significant plays, surpassing one million views per video. Led by Patrick Arthur, the team plays a fundamental role in increasing season ticket holders, ticket sales, and growing the fanbase as a whole. They had the chance to receive a lecture about the Dolphin’s marketing tactics and techniques implemented in the past versus the ones used today. Additionally, they lectured the club on their goals and how they effectively use their budget. The club was shown many Dolphins promotion videos and told the companies they work with, including Nike and Gatorade. Later, club participants asked questions and then walked onto the infamous football field. Jonathan Abbo commented, “This field is much larger than I had expected it to be and can’t believe we are here!” The club members took pictures and expressed their gratitude towards the people that planned this.

The Shtech club meets every month and mainly focuses on the technological aspect of business, including digital marketing. They visit businesses and companies in South Florida. The club will be hosting more events in the future so sign up today to learn to build your own company. If you would like to join the Shtech Club please contact Keith Bonwitt.

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