Senior Application Reminders

Seniors, as you are submitting your college applications, here are some important reminders:

* Remember that YOU are responsible for sending official ACT or SAT scores to your colleges/universities.  The college counseling office has no way to access the official scores and cannot send them on your behalf.  You must log onto your ACT or College Board portal and request that the scores be sent to the schools to which you are applying.  Unless your school(s) allows self-reporting of scores, your application will be incomplete if you do not send official score reports directly from the testing agency.

* If you are taking the October ACT or SAT, we suggest that you send a prior test score (from an early test date) as a “placeholder” for your application.  As mentioned above, your application will be incomplete without an official test score, and since October scores may not be released until very close to or after the November 1 deadline, it may be wise to have an alternate set of scores sent to complete your application.  When your October scores come out, you can then send those scores to the schools. Trust that the institution will consider your highest scores- they will not penalize you if you’ve sent a lower set of scores, however your application will be dismissed if you haven’t sent any scores by November 1st.

* As we shared in Boot Camp and during our individual meetings with you, there are two steps you must take in order to ensure that your transcripts and recommendation letters are sent after your applications are submitted:

1) You must “request transcripts” in Naviance for each school you apply to. In order to do so, the school must be in the “Colleges I’m applying to” list.  If a school is not on this list, we have no way of sending materials to them. Please be sure to keep your list of colleges updated in Naviance, as that is what we go by when sending transcripts. If you currently have schools on your list that you have decided not to apply to, please remove them in Naviance; alternatively, if you’ve decided to apply to schools that were not on the list before, please add them. It is crucial that you maintain this list updated, especially as we approach the November 1st deadline and prepare to send supporting materials on your behalf.

2) When you submit an application, you will receive a confirmation email either from Common App, Coalition, or directly from the school.  When you receive this email you must forward to your counselor.

* If you are applying to a school that requires the SSAR (FAU and UF, for example), please note that once your SSAR is complete, you have to link the completed form to your application.  This is done through the SSAR portal. If you fail to link your application and SSAR (which serves as your transcript during the admission review process), your application will be incomplete.

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