Scheck Hillel’s Club Fair 2021

Every year, students at Scheck Hillel have the opportunity to create and join clubs that interest them. Whether it’s community service or hobby-related clubs, there are a plethora of options to choose from. On Thursday, October 7, high school students hosted a club fair with over thirty clubs. Some of this year’s clubs include the Book club, Band club, Sustainable Fashion club, and Environmental club.

The club fair was hosted outside where each president(s) set up posters and sign-up sheets to advertise their club. Students have the opportunity to pursue their passions by participating in multiple clubs. Although most clubs meet for an hour during the weekly Community time, many clubs also meet after school. For example, students in the CADENA club volunteer in homeless shelters and elderly homes. The CADENA club also works with the CADENA International Foundation by helping during crises such as natural disasters.

Like CADENA, many other clubs are dedicated to philanthropic causes. Asher Sochaczewski explained that the goal of his Environmental Club is to “teach people about climate change and inspire them to take action.”

Similarly, the Sustainable Fashion Club’s goal is to educate people about harmful brands. Zoe Alon, one of the presidents of the Sustainable Fashion Club, remarked that, “We’re teaching about brands that are good and bad. We’re also going to create moodboards, sketches of what we want to wear.”

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Overall, clubs are an excellent opportunity for students to find new passions and connect with others at Scheck Hillel.

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