Rising Juniors to Become Roar Post Editors

The end of each school year brings a long-awaited summer, but it is also the season for goodbyes and change. As the graduating class of 2018 bids farewell to Scheck Hillel Community School, all the coveted leadership positions that they once filled on campus are now left open for others seeking the opportunity. Change fills the air as the old leaders move on to do great things, while new ones rise up to step into their places. The Roar Post, Scheck Hillel’s student-led newspaper, is pleased to welcome sophomores Jaime Bursztyn, Alexandra Gelman, Gabrielle Kurzer, Mauricio Woldenberg, and Danit Weitzman as its new editors. Working alongside the class of 2019’s returning editors, Esther Benasayag, Albert Wolak, and Benjamin Wolf, they plan to bring about a promising new era of improvement and change.

Eager to make The Roar Post more entertaining and to expand its reach, Jaime Bursztyn plans to make big changes as the editor in chief. “I have a vision where the many components needed to make a newspaper all work together in perfect harmony. Our staff is remarkably talented, so I know that with the proper organization and leadership, we can perfectly fit the pieces of the puzzle to form a majestic amalgamation of art, technology, and writing here at The Roar Post.” He, like fellow sophomore and incoming copy editor Alexandra Gelman, is excited for the bright future of The Roar Post.

“As copy editor, it’s my duty to ensure that everyone’s articles are flawless, and to help the writers grow and develop.” Thrilled to see what the writers are able to do and to make The Roar Post more attractive to students, both Alexandra and Jaime are grateful for the opportunity and positive that the literary future of the newspaper holds great things. In order to make The Roar Post more engaging, the website needs a strong graphic design and a phenomenal photography department. Danit Weitzman, the new photography editor, is ensuring that all notable events across campus are being documented in creative, artful snapshots. Photographs of everything from sporting matches to academic events are put on The Roar Post website, where the graphic design team, headed by editor Mauricio Woldenberg, blends two distinct arts to truly create a newspaper. This final touch combines photographs and articles in an aesthetic manner, and organizes the website to make it more captivating. The future of The Roar Post is an auspicious one, and these four new editors from the class of 2020 are excited for the growth and improvements they can bring in the years to come. Congratulations to the new editors of Scheck Hillel’s student newspaper and multimedia platform.


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