Priscila Frank

“The day started off like any other. It was Maccabi Games, and my team was playing endless back-to-back games. When we finally got a break, a few of my friends and I decided to go upstairs and relax for a while. So far, everything was completely normal – until I decided to stand up on a rolling chair. We were all joking around when, suddenly, the chair flipped back and I hit my head on the table behind me. Naturally, everybody was in shock at the immediacy of it all. Yet, I was simply laughing, thinking nothing more of my innocent clumsiness. Only after a minute or so had passed, my eyes began rolling to the back of my head my body began seizing. According to my friends, the episode elapsed around fifteen seconds- just the time it took them to call 911. After my seizure, remembering things as simple as the day of the week became challenging. Thankfully, everything turned out okay, but my appreciation for life grew immensely. Ultimately, I acknowledged my luck and am much more careful with my actions. And now, more than ever, I know every day is a new gift I have to shield.”

– Priscila Frank, 10th Grade Student

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