Principal Chris Johnson

“By the age of ten, I was already a proficient skier. While going down blacks and double-blacks with my step-father, we found what looked like a hidden road. As a curious child, I obviously pursued and my guardian followed. After a difficult non-groomed and full of trees course — which was clearly not an official ski run — we saw a sign that read: “Danger! Cliff”. It was already getting dark and this was supposed to be our last run of the day, but it would now take longer than we expected. After maneuvering and swerving through seldom wandered forests of snow, we saw a flickering light in the distance. Luckily those lights were from the ski patrol snowmobile which was sent by my mother to rescue us. If it wasn’t for their late night search, we would’ve probably been stuck on the freezing mountain all night. I still remember this experience fondly because as a family, we’ve embraced this story and tell it every single year. The next day, rather than being traumatized I went skiing again and had an amazing time. What I learned from this is that even if there’s risk, we should always pursue passion. Minor setbacks shouldn’t scare us but rather be something to grow from, and in my case, it is a cool story I will always keep in my memory bank.” – Principal Chris Johnson, our new Upper School Principal

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