Opher Yunger

“Most people know that my background isn’t education. I didn’t come from teacher school to do this. I came from a creative advertising background. I was a senior art director at a large company, and I was doing many advertising campaigns for major global brands. It was fun and I loved it and there are days that I miss it, but seeing students kind of have that moment of ‘ok I get it’ is really fulfilling and I enjoy it a lot. It was a scary day when I went in and quit something I knew how to do, to come try something that I was going to jump into the deep end with. That’s why I came to join Student Life here in Hillel. I’ve kind of fallen in love with the students, the mentoring, and growing. Being an advocate for the needs of the students on our campus, and for really trying to push them. I do this out of love and wanting to see people succeed. I’m sure I’ve failed at many things here on campus and that I’ve screwed up a few times but I always try to bounce back and make something better happen. I hope that what I’m doing here will have an impact on the future of this school and the future of the students I work with. I’ve learned since I came here that I am a workaholic and I love being here.”
-Opher Yunger, Chair of Design & Director of Academic Technology

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