Open House at Scheck Hillel

Every year, parents search for the ideal school to enroll their children. On November 7th, 2018, Scheck Hillel hosted an open house for families who were considering becoming a part of the Lion family. In order to answer the questions the families asked about the school, current and past Giliniski Ambassadors had the opportunity to give private tours. Separately, the ambassadors guided students and parents to experience everything that Scheck Hillel has to offer, whether it be arts, athletics, or education. Three seniors, all who have been Gilinski Ambassadors,  offered some insight on what it was like to represent their school.

Each ambassador toured one family around the campus. Each itinerary was different depending on what grade level the prospective student was going into. For example, Raquel DiMitri, an ambassador from the 2014-2015 school year, toured a family with children that were going to middle and high school. “I first visited Mrs. Kapnek’s sixth-grade math class to watch her teach her students, and then we toured all the science labs including Mrs. Williams’s and Dr. Friedman’s classes to show the family the different types of labs we offer at the school.” Raquel showcased the science and math departments as that’s what they were looking for in a campus tour. On the other hand, Jayme Podgorowiez, an ambassador from the 2016-2017 school year, toured a mom with one kid moving into middle school and another into elementary. “The mother had two boys who were going into the fifth and sixth grade. I took only the mother to a sixth-grade math class and an eighth-grade science class, just like Raquel; however, I was also able to show her the stem lab, art classes, English classes, and some Judaic classes as she was interested in religion.” Jayme showcased a new aspect for them depending on what they were looking for.

Our ambassadors agreed that they would take on the task to give tours around the school again if Hillel gave them the opportunity. “I loved giving the tour and would definitely take the opportunity again! I love sharing with people the value of Hillel and why Hillel is home; hopefully, Hillel can also be home to others.” said Jayme. Our ambassadors believe that they represented the school to the best of their abilities because they were able to answer all inquiries about the school using their prior knowledge of the school and its values. “The family asked lots of questions relating to how religious the school is, what music opportunities the school offers, if the cafeteria is good and what foreign languages the school offers. I was able to share my experiences at Scheck Hillel by telling them all about the wonderful music program, excellent food, and the amazing teachers Scheck Hillel has, so I do believe I represented my school. “ said Gaby Bentolila, a current ambassador.

In addition to the tours that the ambassadors gave, they all displayed their musical abilities to the families. Jayme and Raquel, who are members of the school’s band program, played for the families that walked through the athletic center. Gaby, a member of the school’s orchestra program, also played for the families as they walked by. “I was really excited to play the violin for the newcomers. It was exciting when the people came in and were welcomed with beautiful, soothing tunes.” she said. Prospective families were able to get a taste of our arts program by experiencing actual performances.

The common theme that can be taken from this is that students truly feel as though Hillel is home for all, even newcomers. The school’s band played tunes for the families to broadcast the arts program, the parents saw kids running during physical education to promote the athletics, and they got to see different classes with the wide variety of subjects Hillel has to offer. Every section of the school welcomed the newcomers with open arms, and hopefully the new families will consider admitting their kids into our community.

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