New School Lunches

Students at Scheck Hillel get to enjoy a certified Kosher hot lunch every day. However, as the 2019-20 school year began, some students had concerns about the taste of the food. While the kitchen did their best to improve, the students continued to complain, and the administration listened to their worries.


This led to one of the best lunches in Hillel, a kosher spinoff of a Chipotle-style meal. Students are given the choice of white or brown rice as a base, and then get to choose a variety of proteins, vegetables, and legumes to top it off. They are offered beans, corn, peppers, onions, pulled beef, chicken, lettuce, salsa, guacamole, and sour cream, and have the option of enjoying that in a bowl or with a tortilla.


This new lunch idea is provided every Wednesday and has been a huge success so far. Students that usually don’t eat at lunch are now eating, as they can customize their own meals to how they see fit and have a variety of toppings to choose from, ensuring that there is a good, healthy option for everyone.


Students have described the lunch as being, “really good,” “more filling,” and “delicious.” It is extremely important that students are eating and keeping their bodies healthy during school. “Hunger can lead to lower math scores, attention problems, and behavior, emotional, and academic problems,” states Moreover, mentions that when students eat more nutritious and healthy foods, their academic performance increases. The build your own bowl lunch allows students to add proteins, carbs, and vegetables to help them make better food choices and enjoy a tasty, well-balanced meal.


Mrs. Brownstein is glad to see the change in Wednesday’s lunch as she claims, “More students are eating, which is very important for them to get through the afternoon.” She also mentions that the lines are longer, but that would be expected as there are more students eating.


One student, Jessi Kiblisky, says, “The new lunch is definitely an improvement, even if the lines are longer.”


Hillel students have also been privileged with enjoying sushi for a few lunches. This had a lot of positive feedback and students are hoping to see it again soon.


Overall, the new school lunches have had mostly positive reactions from the students and teachers. More students are eating and bettering their diets, which is beneficial to their academic performance. Furthermore, students can customize their meals so that even if they have different taste preferences, all students can enjoy lunch, especially on Wednesdays.


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