Natalie Abramowitz

“When I was seven years old I went to Steamboat Springs, Colorado, a ski trip I will not soon forget. Although the first day was very fun, the second one had one big surprise. On that day, I was preparing to get on the ski lift with my ski group and while getting on, the man operating the lift asked us, “Do you want to put the bar down or keep it up?” Being seven years old, we didn’t really know the difference so we told him we didn’t care and he decided to leave it up. Going up the mountain, we saw the other girls in our group pulling down their bar, so we decided to do the same. Without any precaution, I reached up for the bar and my momentum threw me off the lift. Before I knew it, I was lying down on the mountain in a tremendous amount of pain. After a forty-five foot fall, I was lying down, helpless and in pain, for ten minutes just waiting on someone to assist me in getting up. Although I broke my arm, I got extremely lucky as I could have been put in much more danger. The ski lift we were on swayed us over the path that people skied on, but even worse, it passed over a large section of really big rocks. Thankfully, I fell onto the part of the mountain that had none of that danger. Finding out my arm was broken was devastating to me and my family because we looked forward to this trip for so long, and after just a day and a half of skiing I decided to never do it again. Falling off the ski lift was a traumatizing moment in my life, but my parents wanted me to overcome this newfound fear of mine. The next year, when my parents decided to go skiing again, I was in fear before even boarding the plane to Colorado. I was very nervous getting back onto the ski lift, but my parents showed me that with caution, there was nothing to worry about. Making my way down the mountain was extremely fun and it was something that gave me my love for skiing that I still possess to this day. This experience helped me conquer my fear, and ever since that moment, I have spent almost every Winter skiing with my family and having a great time.”

– Natalie Abramowitz, 9th Grade Student

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