Museum of Ice Cream: Just an Instagram Picture?

In today’s day-and-age, nothing can happen without posting it on social media. If there isn’t a picture on Instagram or a tweet on Twitter to use as proof, it’s as if new experiences never occured. Social media has become an integral part of lives all around the globe, and the Museum of Ice Cream is no exception to the trend.

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The Museum of Ice Cream, a world of desserts that has been popping up on Miami Instagram feeds since December thirteenth. However, what is it really? Is it a museum? A pop-up shop? A fantastic world of treats? A rip-off?

For those who haven’t gotten the chance to step inside the fantastical museum, it is comprised of four, Barbie pink floors full of candy-colored interactive displays and tons of photo opportunities. Each room has their own specific theme, such as a rainforest, a diner, and even a swimming pool filled with plastic sprinkles. “I loved the sprinkles pool, but I also loved the concept and the little details they put into in each room,” stated sophomore Raquel Wengrowsky. Museum goers were also given free samples of ice cream with pink whipped cream, frozen bananas dipped in chocolate, and melted ice cream in milk cartons.

Nevertheless, some people weren’t as impressed with the museum. Raquel Dimitri, junior, wasn’t as hypnotized by the sweets as others. Instead, her favorite part of the museum was just sharing the experience with her friends. “I think there should be more attractions because it’s too short,” added Dimitri, “I wouldn’t go again if I didn’t have to.”

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When the students were asked if they believed the thirty-eight dollar ticket was for an experience or an Instagram picture, the responses varied. Sophomore Orli Algranatti answered, “Before entering the museum, I thought I was paying for an Instagram picture, but then when I went inside it was totally different. You stopped wanting to take pictures and actually enjoy the moment.” Raquel Wengrowsky included, “No, I don’t think I paid for an Instagram picture. I think it was a great experience, but it was also very creative for pictures.”

At the conclusion of the interviews, each student was asked to rate their museum experience out of five ice cream comes. The result was an average of four cones (🍦🍦🍦🍦). Overall, the Museum of Ice Cream is not a place to go for an educational ice cream experience. Instead, it is a place to have fun with friends, eat delicious treats, and take some cute pictures. Luckily, for those who still want to experience the museum themselves, the Miami pop-up has been extended until February twenty-sixth. The museum can also be found in San Francisco and Los Angeles, and new locations are popping up all across the country.


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