Mr. Eller

“About a year ago this month, my boss came to me and said, ‘thank you for your 28 years of service, we no longer need you here.’ They apparently wanted someone ‘younger.’ I felt like I had been slapped in the face by the school I had served for 28 years. I had no idea what I was going to do. I knew for sure I was not ready to retire, so I started searching for jobs. Rejection, rejection, rejection. Not because of my skills or lack thereof, but because of my age. I felt like a senior going through the college application process. Then I met Ana Baker at human relations, and she asked me If I had heard about Scheck Hillel. I hadn’t, but I was glad to be interviewed. I was interviewed by Vanessa Donaher and Craig Carpentieri, and they gave me a chance. They said they wanted someone with experience, someone that could help out the kids and guide them through the application process. I got a second chance to do what I love to do, helping kids get into the best colleges for them; crying with them when they don’t, and jumping with them when they do, and making sure that they have good choices in the end. I will never forget that second chance I got. I started from blank, and I love it.”

– Mr. Eller, College Counselor

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