Mr. Carlos Montero

“In college, I started practicing zen meditation. Through meditation, I began recognizing my thoughts and understanding how my mind works. A few years later, I completely invested my time as I embarked on a three month endeavour to a silent monastery. Other than a weekly session with a teacher, my journey was a quiet one. Through my meditation, I began to learn more about myself and tap into my conscience; reflections come and go, and momentary thoughts don’t define who I am. Leaving the retreat, I was overwhelmed with energy, which I channelled into a new ambition I had: teaching. For the next fourteen years, I was a chemistry teacher at Krop and Uschool, respectively. Then, finally, I arrived at Scheck Hillel to become a physics teacher, a class I was new in teaching. Because of meditation, I know that if I can understand my own mind, I should also be able to acknowledge my students’ minds because it’s not that different. Everyone has their own story, but the mechanics of our brain aren’t much different; as long as I know myself, I can sympathize for those around me.”

– Mr. Carlos Montero, Upper School Physics Teacher

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