Michael Berenstein

“About three years ago, I volunteered at a program called ACEing Autism, where we teach tennis to children with the disability. Many of these kids with special needs are often judged in today’s society for being different, but I had the opportunity to overlook this. I learned that their intelligence and maturity is represented in distinct ways, which simply makes them even more special to me. I soon realized that I wasn’t only helping them, but that they were helping me. Over time, it became greater than the tennis lessons themselves, as they quickly developed into life lessons. This program became immensely impactful and fulfilling as it allowed me to gain patience and open-mindedness. I became aware of everything I truly have, and it brought me a sense of appreciation and humility that will remain with me forever. I still play tennis at a competitive level, but no match or practice will ever mean more to me than the ACEing Autism program.”

– Michael Berenstein, 11th Grade Student and Varsity Tennis Player

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