Mexico: It Is Not What You Think

Whenever a foreign person hears “Mexico”, they automatically think of its stereotype and negative connotations cultivated by the foreign people themselves. They hold a false judgement in their heads, sincerely believing all their thoughts are the blunt truth. They think Taco Bell is the representation of Mexican cuisine, and that all the inhabitants are illegal immigrants and drug cartels simply waiting to happen. Somehow, they think gardening and washing cars are the sole skillset the Mexicans hold. The people who think and speak these lies are plainly uncultured, in desperate need of education, regarding Mexico and what it really holds.

Underneath all the erroneous statements, Mexico is a jewel. A diamond in the rough only those with great vision will spot instantly. As much as people might think they know what the core of the country holds, they have barely even scratched the surface of its actuality. Mexico, in reality, has some of the most enchanting beaches, mountains, deserts and jungles on the face of our planet. It holds a culture so rich and incomparable to anything else that has ever existed and will ever exist. Unrivaled, the pyramids and colonial architecture still shine to this day, withstanding thousands and thousands of years of possible destruction. Mexico’s foundation is elegant, violent, and heartbreaking history. It holds accounts of the most tragic events, amidst the most heroic. Nevertheless, people have persisted and thrived; they have grown even under the harshest forms of oppression.

Mexico is the smell of fresh corn tortillas, the taste of chile and the perfect pollo con mole. It’s the agua de jamaica, horchata, and Chocolate Abuelita. Every bite of every food has a story, a past, and a message. The cultures’ complexity and richness is translated into the cuisine, yet there are people who still, to this day, think microwavable queso is Mexican food. Each item is truly a magnificent work of art, unique in its own way with the power to fully captivate anyone and everyone.

Every corner and every crevice of the country is overflowing with color. Whether it’s the food, the houses, or even the poor children who beg desperately for money. They too have color, even if it’s not always showing. Color and happiness are painted vividly on the faces of the people; smiles of gratitude and smiles of pure, simple, and innocent joy. It’s the color inside their hearts and the exuberance that is transmitted through them that makes the people of Mexico so special. They might have darkness inside against their will and they may be starving to death, but the light they portray overpowers the negativity, and replaces it with positivity. Only these are the true Mexicans, showing their colors and fighting against all odds.

Not even a million stories or pictures can possibly express the pure beauty and splendor that belongs to Mexico. The marvelous country speaks for itself, but one can only hear its genuine voice with their own ears.  

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