Mark Hanz

“When I was in 8th grade I was walking from my mom’s car to my dad’s car, right outside school on West Dixie Highway. I wanted to switch cars so my dad could take me home, and as I was crossing the street, a lady driving 40 mph hit me. The impact lifted me up and I landed hard in the ground. The car was totaled and the bumper and mirror came off. I remember laying on the ground, conscious and gushing blood, waiting for the ambulance to arrive. The ambulance took me to Founders Park where a helicopter was waiting to take me to Jackson Hospital. Once we got there, they didn’t let me see my mom. The picture of me getting stitched up and seeing muscles hanging out, bleeding, and seeing my bone are still perfectly intact my mind. The worst part was not knowing what was going on, not being able to see my family. When I left the hospital, a lot of friends were waiting for me in the waiting room. I am very lucky. I missed a few weeks of school, but I had friends bring me homework everyday. Since that day, I realized that you never know when your life can change. Thank G-d I am fine, but I realized that nothing is guaranteed. You should try to joke around with your friends as much as possible and just be crazy in a good way. By the way, the lady who hit me sued me for ruining her car. I thought that was really funny.”

– Mark Hanz, 12th Grade Student

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