Malka Braunschweiger

“Every morning I wake up and say “Mode Ani” because if G-d believes in me to make something magical happen today, I have to believe in myself. My beautiful parents instilled in me the value that having simcha in my life isn’t only good for me, but good for every individual that surrounds me. Thankfully so, I love what I do. By spending my life doing what I love, it is impossible for me to be discontent. It is my inspiration to be part of the mission of young individuals who are so passionate and devoted to anything and everything they set their minds to. Regardless of what goes wrong, I am constantly pushing myself to do the best with the situation I am given; I have full faith in G-d’s choices and am aware He’s responsible for the outcome. If you go through life thinking that you can learn from everybody, you can. You can mold your life by observing what you like in other people; mirror the good in their souls. The negative will never lead the right path. Remain positive and keep your eyes open throughout life as a means to determine your personal success.”

– Malka Braunschweiger, Judaics teacher

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