Leon Sion

“It couldn’t have been a worse game. We had gone through so much — blood, sweat, and tears — to get to the finals, the defining moment of the season.. Our aim was clear: we had to win. To be better, run faster, but most importantly, play more united; we had to pour our hearts and soul into the game. The odds were stacked against us; we were playing our greatest rival. As the game went on, we were dominating. It seemed as though a goal was coming and we were about to score. But then it happened on one of the last plays. I went up to header a goal kick when I found myself sandwiched between two of the opposing team’s players. The one behind me pushed me into the one in front of me, and our heads collided. That was when I dropped to the floor and blacked out. I stood up later, dazed and confused, as to why my shirt was all red and I was dripping in blood. Soon I would discover that my nose had been broken and surgery was going to happen. It was an extremely painful experience, but thankfully I recovered and got back to playing soccer not long after. Although my team didn’t win, and I ended up injured, it didn’t matter because I — and every person on the team — knew that we had given the game our all. And at the end of the day, that’s what truly matters.”

– Leon Sion, 10th Grade Student

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