Leo Serfaty

Two days ago my dad ceased the prayers of kaddish in honor of my grandfather, who died on January 22, 2019 after intensely battling stage 4 leukemia for 7-8 months. We detected the malignancy within its first thirty days of development, which significantly increased our hopes of his survival. Nevertheless, G-d had his plan and he passed away from a lethal infection in his urine. My whole life I have felt as though me and my grandfather were the same person; everything I did throughout my life, even down to my name, reflects him in every way. Ever since his death, I feel like a part of my soul has turned into a reincarnated version of his. And although I never really believed in the phenomenon of reincarnation, this concept most closely describes what I’ve felt since his death. I have never felt more of a connection to another person and I truly believe Hashem made it so that I continue carrying on his legacy and name.

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